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“I had been attempting to improve my fitness levels on my own at the gym with varying levels of success, and had sessions with a few trainers but was not really feeling a connection with any of their proposals when a friend recommended Dominique. 

She managed to find a really great balance in creating a training schedule that pushed me to new limits but also gave me some flexibility and free time and also gave great advice on everything from proper stretching to diet.

She’s professional, motivated and really gives 100% to her training sessions. Highly recommended, even if you’re a beginner and afraid of the pain. Dominique’s help will get you where you want to be.”


- Alice Burke -

” Dominique has been my personal trainer since Jan 2015.

She is clearly dedicated and enthusiastic about helping each client achieve their potential.

As a coach, she is observant and a great listener, with a cheerful, positive attitude. 

When I explained my goals and also my limitations, she tailored the sessions to exactly suit my needs, with suggestions of additional exercise I can do at home.

Dominique encourages personal motivation, looking at the psychology behind commitment to achieving structured goals. Her approach is gentle but firm, and always encouraging. 

She explains physically what is happening during exercise and is supportive that change is gradually happening. She has the ability to make really challenging workouts feel achievable and enjoyable.”

I highly recommend Dominique, she is an inspiring personal trainer.


- Gayle Johnston –

“8 weeks after my child-birth, I decided that is was time for a personal trainer. Because I had a cesarean, I didn’t know how to start safely with exercising. Do(minique) helped me with that! We trained together for 1 month and a half, 3 times a week.

My goal was to be confident again in bikini for my holiday. And I am confident now! The sessions weren’t only effective, they also had the right structure in terms of effort. Do(minique) gave useful information about nutrition and alternatives of exercises that you can do at home.

Perfect! Now I was able to continue my workouts at home as well. I can recommend Do(minique) to everyone, if you can handle a bit of muscle pain ;-)”


- Merel Sibbes –

In David Lloyd Sport Club, I came by chance in contact with Dominique. I was  looking for someone who could help me get back into shape after my last pregnancy. I have pelvic instability and expert guidance was essential. But it was equally important that this person could enthuse me. Strength training is not my favorite part and I regretted that I could not just do what I wanted; running, follow groupclasses etc.

Dominique, I could not think of a better match. Knowledgeable, open and motivating are the first words that come to my mind when I think of her. But above all it was just fun! She has helped me become stronger in a controlled, yet challenging, way within my capabilities. Also, she taught how I could do some extra exercises properly at home. Result besides to a smaller pants size? I find strength exercises now even fun!

I am sincerely grateful to her for our sessions and giving my confidence back of my body.”    


- Judith van Beek –

“Dominique is the favorite groupinstructor for the core stability class among the men and women participants, young and old. She is always in a good mood and always has a new set of exercises for the group in store, where she explains to which muscles are the elements of the lesson intended. This interpretation is often no longer necessary after the exercises because your muscles also feel good.

She sees to it, that each participant will perform the exercises in the correct way and indicates the severity of the exercises where needed, and encourages.

She is happy when all participants are sweating, she remains present to answer any questions from individuals. If there are English speaking participants she switches with no problem from one language to another. Where her favorite phrase “toppy” is, we think (that is shared by other participants) Dominique is “top”.

(top = great)

As a personal trainer Dominique prepares very well. With a piece of paper in her hand she wrote during my intake my specific needs to work on and she promised me the next week to come up with exercises. Cheerfully we have started to do the list, and with patience and humor we rolled through the session. At the end of the lesson she wrote down the exercises for me and she gave for the next week some new tasks. Her work is enjoyable. She looks well how the exercises will be done, and if something does not go well she alternatives on hand that the quality is maintained. She has a good eye for detail and gives advice attitude that extend beyond the gym. I think David Lloyd Sport Club can squeeze his hands with her as a trainer.”


- Han Blom –

“Ja! Ik ga trouwen!!! Oeps…. ik ga trouwen…. maar dat betekent dat ik in een jurk moet…. AHHHHHH! Nadat de eerste emoties waren gezakt kwam ik tot de conclusie: Ik moest er toch aan geloven: naar de sportschool. Maar hoe pak ik dat aan? Wat moet ik dan doen? Zin in blessures had ik niet en een stok achter de deur zou ook wel fijn zijn. Gelukkig kwam de oplossing al snel uit zichzelf voorbij. 

Tijdens de inschrijving bij de sportschool bleek dat ze PT beschikbaar hadden. Dat leek me wel wat. Zo gezegd, zo gedaan en voor ik het wist had ik de eerste les met Do te pakken. En ik heb nooit meer terug gekeken. De trainingen waren afwisselend, motiverend, makkelijk zelf toe te passen en Do is een super lieve, enthousiaste meid. Dat was mijn stok achter de deur. Naast de trainingen met Do ging ik nu zelfs uit mezelf vrijwillig naar de sportschool. Ik begon resultaat te zien, het krachthok werd bekend terrein en ik verlegde lichamelijke grenzen die ik nooit voor mogelijk had gehouden. Do luisterde naar al mijn verhalen, begreep mijn lifestyle (die iets anders dan gemiddeld is) en speelt hierop in. Met als resultaat dat ik op mijn trouwdag super lekker in mijn vel zat. Dank je wel Do!”


- Yvonne O'Toole - Nooy –


“Dominique has been my trainer, motivator, confidante, gossip girl and therapist. She has been able to walk the fine line between drill sergeant (which I need) and chilled workout buddy (which I want) with an ease that uniquely her. My training sessions with Dominique have been quite life changing in that she has enabled me to have more faith in my capabilities. I have found a new determination which is due to confidence she instills in me during our sessions. Dominique will adopt a wide range of training techniques which definitely keeps things interesting and never once have I walked away not feeling empowered and strong!

I have worked out muscles that I didn’t know even existed, and even when I yell and scream after an excruciating 10th rep of some crazy exercise, I always feel terrific at the end and for the rest of the day.

Dominique os one of a kind, I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you want to get in shape and feel great in the process, you need to call Dominique right now.”


- Rebecca Campbell - Oostendorp –

Ik bewonder in jou de wijze waarop je mensen kunt motiveren. Ik denk dat jij hiertoe op verschillende manieren in staat bent (als in: aanjagen, samen een einddoel bedenken (en hierbij subdoelen stellen), luisterend oor bieden).

Bij een personal trainer had ik verwacht dat ik binnen een uur spijt zou krijgen van mijn keuze omdat ik met een overdreven “fitgirl” te maken zou hebben. Een “fitgirl” bleek je absoluut, maar dan niet de overdreven versie, maar de gezonde en leuke versie. Ik bewonder dat aan je. Je bent in staat om mensen te laten zien dat gezond leven met een gezond voedingspatroon (waarbij je soms ook gewoon hamburgers kunt eten) je op allerlei gebieden veel sterker in het leven kunt laten staan (qua spieren en qua houding). Zoals je dat zelf ook doet, zonder te overdrijven.”


- Eva Bouwmans –

Beste Dominique,

Via deze weg wil ik jou bedanken voor de hulp en begeleiding die je mij gegeven hebt. Mede dankzij jou ben ik nu 36 kilo afgevallen! Nog veel belangrijker dan dat is, ik ben gezonder en sterker dan ooit. Weet ook zeker dat als ik zo doorga mijn doel van de Mont Ventoux beklimmen haalbaar is!

Nu sta je voor een mooie stap in je carrière, gister toen je aangaf mij op afstand te willen blijven helpen was ik erg verheugd! De manier hoe jij coacht en traint kunnen velen een voorbeeld aan nemen, het leuk houden van de oefeningen en afstemmen op wat iemand wil is echt een sterke kant van jou.”


- Dennis –

Wil jij ook fit worden?

Tijdens een gratis intakegesprek bespreken we je doelen en mogelijkheden. 
De intake is geheel vrijblijvend…dus…

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